Safe GFE

Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex” –Lil’ Wayne


For those just encountering this acronym, GFE = Girlfriend Experience.

A lot of things are open to interpretation depending on the lady involved. But for me, GFE, means that you will receive an unrushed, genuine experience with a beautiful, charming, lady. Our time together will involve a lot of touching, teasing, flirting, exploring, and seduction.But let’s be real.

Some things are too intimate for casual affairs. I care about and respect myself, first and foremost, but I also care about and respect the gentlemen who decide to spend their time with me. In my opinion, it’s very important for us to be mature and responsible during intimate moments. For me, that means that I don’t provide any service that requires us to exchange bodily fluids. Yes I am aware some things are contracted via skin to skin contact. I do insist that  the initial shower utilize hibiclens which removes bacteria AND viruses. I do the same.
Being filled with anxiety, wondering if an evening of ecstasy is going to cause issues that might be hard to explain to a significant other, family member, or future partner is NOT my idea of fun for me or you. It is possible to asymptomatic (showing no symptoms), and still pass on certain diseases. It is possible to be infected with something and not know. There are a lot of what if scenarios that I don’t want to be a part of. If your life is not complete without reverse oral, we can explore dental dams.Also, personal choice, I am not involved in any intimate relationships outside of the professional companionship I provide.

Is my Safe GFE method foolproof? Of course not. It’s impossible to eliminate all risks.

But peace of mind is priceless.




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