“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

If you want a more personal engagement, but do not want to deal with false pretenses and/or the uncertainty of whether things will progress to the anticipated level of sensuality, then I am a great and safe alternative for you to consider. I am a natural pleaser and want your experience with me to be the most pleasurable you have ever had!

I am usually available early mornings until 10PM. I prioritize Extended Engagements. My favorite is the Affaire de Coeur (Affair of the Heart) option. The more advance notice you provide the more likely you will be able to see me on your desired date and time. For advanced appointments please use the booking form or email me. For short notice or next day appointments, please call me directly.

I prefer all communication with me to be polite and to indicate that you are sane and serious about meeting me. I always respond in a timely manner to serious inquiries with complete information. Date requests should have a short introduction, details about when, what time, where, and for how long you would like to meet. I’m very happy to be your companion while dating, but please don’t expect me to engage in excessive email/phone/text conversations.

Once we decide to meet, you can expect to visit me at a discrete, centrally located, upscale accommodation. I prefer apartments or hotel/private suites for maximum comfort. I do my best to find places that have easily accessible parking. A shower with clean towels and male toiletries will be provided. Drinks are also available. Any desire to extend our time together is done with prior knowledge of my rates.


Until We Meet…

Madison 💋


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