Dream Dates

You may already have something in mind for how you would like to spend our time together. But if you don’t, I am happy to make a few suggestions. Things with an asterisk (*) next to it I have NOT experienced. Everything else I have done before, but had an amazing time and wouldn’t mind doing again with great company. If you’re so inclined and want to experience one (or more) of the places on this list together, get in touch!! Special rates available.


Theme Parks

  • Disney World (I’ve been to all of them except the ones in Paris and China, hint, hint)
  • Ferrari World*
  • Six Flags
  • Universal Studios
  • Busch Gardens*
  • Hershey Park*
  • Cedar Point*
  • Europa Park*
  • Efteling*

Lunch/Dinner (Please remember I have a seafood allergy)

  • Michelin Rated Restaurant*
  • Underwater Restaurant*
  • Japanese Hibachi
  • Brazilian Steakhouse*
  • Korean BBQ* (They type where you cook it yourself at the table)
  • Medieval Times

Water Activities

  • Whale Watching*
  • White Water Rafting*
  • Yachting/boating (I love the water)
  • Swim with Dolphins*
  • Jet Skiing/Water Jet Pack*
  • Cruise*

Outdoor Activities

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride* (I don’t do well with heights, but…)
  • Horseback Riding*
  • Glamping*
  • Mountain Climbing


  • Comedy Shows (I love to laugh.)
  • Theater Productions (Plays)
  • Live Music (Concerts)


  • La Tomatina*
  • Taungbyone Nat*
  • Aurora Borealis* (Northern Lights)
  • Taste of Chicago*
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro*
  • Pamplona Bull Run*
  • Hogmanay*
  • Mardi Gras


  • Bora Bora*
  • Cuba*
  • N. Korea* (Don’t judge me.)
  • Africa*
  • Russia*
  • Argentina*
  • Fiji*
  • Turkey*
  • Austria*
  • Monaco*
  • Japan


  • Zero Gravity Flight*




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